When Logotherapy helps Consumption

Parenting as I've mentioned many a times, isn't at all easy. Especially the growing up years. 'Terrible twos' weren't as terrible for us. The fact is, the wonder of growing up unravelling right in front is fascinating. It still is. Only this time patience on our part is needed in big supply. There are times when Jaden and his antics drive me up the wall. For example, by this time he's called contacts on my phone without my knowing. That's when he's doing the technician act on my phone. He's sent messages including multimedia ones to my contacts and I've only known when I check my phone's 'sent' folder. I can't imagine what all the message recipients must be thinking. The freak's lost it?

The way I manage my temper at such times is by practicing what could be 'Logotherapy'. I transport me, in my head to the times when Jaden's been an angel. I think of how lovely he was and is at such times. And such times abound. Presto, my temper's vanished, and a smile breaks through.

Marketers who have been able to satisfy and go beyond to delight consumers are the ones that can get away if at rare times they vex their customers. Because the good times the customer's had will help erase the vexation. Consumers are willing to forgive for the lovely times they've had with the marketer. The memory of those times may flood in to calm tempers.

Now Jaden can get away at most times. Of course, there are those rare times when he needs disciplining. But they are few and far in between. As for marketers, consumers do the disciplining if the purchase act has goes beyond sour. My bet is, those who've delighted consumers regularly with lovely experiences are the ones who'll get away despite the odd unpleasant transaction.


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