If Jon's funny, I must be Chaplin

I don't get. Americans, some of them or maybe many, find Jon Stewart funny. Watch this piece where he talks to Fox's Chris Wallace. The guy doesn't have the gags unless its copy-written before the show. Impromptu doesn't work for him. Just like his dude-friend Obama, who needs his teleprompter. In fact now we know the Indian Parliament too will witness the gadget, for the very first time in its history. So much for someone who was supposed to be the visionary saviour.

To imagine millions of Americans find Jon Stewart funny says something about who they are. Of course, they have to be liberals. The kind that laugh even if it isn't funny, because its a liberal they worship mouthing it. You just have to listen to Jon Stewart to know how much he has to ham to get a gag when its not pre-written. And so what he does that's convenient is go on a giggling spree, fisted hands on mouth. His minions cackle along.

Maybe it ain't just the liberals. Its with all of us. We take to those who are our kind. We cackle along because its our tribe. Like for example, I take to Rush, Hannity and Mark Levin. The only difference is, I'd like to believe I don't do the laugh just because its Rush doing a 'forced' joke. In fact Rush won't do the joke, and I keep my mouth shut.

That I believe is 'quite' a difference.


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