The Nexus is complete. Welcome to the Nexus

Lest anyone think the 2G spectrum scam is a byproduct of capitalistic greed, I must add what you're witnessing isn't capitalism for what it is, instead its crony capitalism in full bloom. And this is why free markets must be allowed to do what government can't. Ensure fairness.

Its mindboggling to think the nexus is near perfect for fixes and scams in India. Its has the usual neta-babu-baniya triad at play. Who's joined in recently is the baatein-guy, the journalist. The fixing-foursome is complete and can't get better.

The result? The tax-paying public being taken for a ride. Their taxes supposedly collected for collective good goes down the drain, and the money they're left with then has to buy products and services at prices that are fixed. I am not too sure if the lesson is ever going to be learnt. That government can't do much for citizenry because its natural their greed overruns social considerations. The best chance any society has at fairness is to allow for free markets to do what they do best. Keep everyone in check.

Remember the invisible hand?


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Very nice and informative post.

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