Seeing is believing

The new safety upgrade promised to Tata Nano owners is a good thing. But it will still leave gnawing doubt in the minds of potential buyers. If as claimed by company the safety upgrades aren't for generic faults and only to enhance safety systems, why now? Why wasn't this part of the car when it was rolled out?

I am not so sure if the Nano's woes will vanish soon. But what can soothe anxious potential buyers is if they can see more Nanos on the road, and of course no more media reports on further problems. Now that's a Catch-22. How does the Nano get more buyers when there's a perceptual problem? My recommendation is a non-price franchise building promo that's irresistible. Though its early late on the day for the Nano, I see a well thought out promo as a bait. Again, its touch and go. Get the promo wrong, and people will think they are desperate to sell. One thing's for sure, more Nanos on the road is only way to assuage anxious buyers.

For nothing does more for a mass brand than its conspicuous usage. Here's hoping to see more Nanos on the road.


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