Shutting up of Shooting off?

Right to privacy, a fundamental right? Absolutely!

But what about racing to the apex court to have conversation laden tapes barred? Terrible PR, I must say! Why did Tata then do it? Simple. The act wasn't just about suppressing two people's conversation from hitting the public space, it was, and is about trying to protect the image of a business group that millions including me have deeply admired over years.

Now what about Barkha Dutt losing her cool and acting smug with a superbly combative Manu Joseph? Simple, its again an erosion of image that she was trying to limit. Terribly though, I must say. And finally, what about Vir Singhvi blubbering a 'sorry' on TV? Same story, another setting. The poor guy was doing his best to keep an image intact. Lousy try is my verdict.

Its natural that we all try and protect an erosion to our personal equities. Brands do that too. But the problem is when our attempts make it worse for us. Far from salvaging our images, it further deepens distrust. Currently that's exactly what's happening to Tata, Barkha and Vir. And its only making matters worse for their individual and their company's images. What should they instead be doing? Staying mum! That way their images will at least be better than what it is now.

Easier said than done? You bet! Shutting up is far difficult than shooting off. So the latter's what we get, and a lesson's what the talkers learn.


Abhay said…
Nicely said sir, what TATA is doing is like giving space for the public to doubt on their loyalty for which people including me have believed since the time we have heard of TATA as the most trustworthy and loyal organization.

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