Bad Omen for the Kizashi?

The problem Suzuki Kizashi will face in India won't be a product one. It'll be perception problems the car will have to battle.

In the premium sedan segment, a car buy is very much an 'esteem' buy as it is a 'functional' buy. Meaning buyers will not only look to the car's technical features but also the status it brings along. On that count, Suzuki doesn't score in India.

Remember the Baleno flopped. SX4 is eking out a bare minimum living. Plus the competition in Skoda, Volkswagon, Toyota and their like, and you have ominous signs on the horizon for the Kizashi. Oh and yes, currently the Kizashi is struggling in China.

Bad omen ahead, you can say.


Anonymous said…
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Saravanan V R said…
Hello Sir. On top of that, Suzuki is bringing the car as CBU, making the pricing closer to an Accord/Superb/Passat @ 18-20 Lacs. Definitely a bad omen. Can we call it a cognitive dissonance in positioning the brand, between mass and premium ?

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