A novel that's a guidebook to Economics

I am not surprised most people live boring lives. The reasons' simple. Most of what they do is patterned and repeated forever. Nothing's new. Not at home. Not at work. Now this is true even at schools and colleges. Kids are bored out of their heads. Not surprising again. After all most classrooms are drab for the content that's spewed day after day.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are times when a subject comes alive in a classroom. When a course gets the students' rapt attention. I bet the reasons lie firmly in the content and the presenter.

Someone I know who's done something on such lines in making learning exciting is Paul McDonnold. Paul's someone who's taught Economic courses. And now he's done something unconventional. He's written a novel of Economic Terrorism. How many Professors do something like that? How many write fiction and deftly weave in academic concepts into the storyline?

Pauls' done it and that's why his work of fiction titled, 'The Economics of Ego Surplus' makes riveting reading. Know more about his book here.


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