What's Starbucks without coffee?

Starbucks drops coffee from its logo. Not many are pleased. Some think it will affect the Starbucks brand badly. My take?

I don't think it will matter much. After all its 'Starbucks' that has recall value, not the word coffee. Sure, Starbucks means coffee to most and that's why I think Starbucks' problem won't be about the word drop, instead it will be convincing consumers they are something other than coffee.

Now the idea behind the name drop is to make it easy for people to identify Starbucks with things other than coffee. But on that count it'll be a rough ride for the brand. Because even without the word coffee in the logo, Starbucks still will mean coffee!


Vineet said…
Starbucks, the logo will definitely be recalled with Coffee.. Coffee also is the raison de etre for Starbucks.. Would be interesting to see changes they make with their product offering..!

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