Who's behind change?

I am surprised its only now Tunisia is seeing a people rebellion. Read about the Ben Alis, including Leila, and you wonder why Tunisians put up with them. But as they say its better late than never.

Plus there's another factor that contributed. Social Media. It facilitated the organising of people protests. And just so you know this isn't the first time Social media is facilitating political change. Now amidst the the social media story, one thing mustn't be lost. That the real harbinger of change isn't social media or even technology, but people. Its people who propel change. Its easy to get lost in believing technology drives changes. If you look carefully at the heart of change, what you'll find is people power.

Its true to the consumer world too. Bettered value proposition for consumers are always the handiwork of people. Smartphones were the result of marketers using technology to give consumers better communication solutions. Sure computer programs may perform complex analytical tasks far better than people can, but again its people ingenuity that's behind those programs.

The value creating firms of tomorrow will be those that nurture people so they can unleash their inherent creative (read, value creating) capabilities. And consumers of tomorrow will gravitate to firms that possess distinct competencies that translate into differentiated and consumer-valued products. Such firms for sure will be those that value and nurture their people resources.


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