Will Mahindra 'Rise'?

Sure, Mahindra's 'Rise' can be its rallying cry, the way Anand Mahindra put it. In fact, I think its a good move to have a singular concept around which to rally internal resources. Unity in purpose and direction is as much a positioning term as it is an organizational act.

But then there's something else to consider.

'Rise' won't matter a bit to consumers if its aftermath sees no enhanced value propositions being extended to them. I mean, 'Rise' is an internal rallying cry that's symbolic and aspirational. But, tell you what, what's internal must be so because it creates value for the key external stakeholder, the consumer. From a positioning perspective, a single positioning term could aid better consumer recall, but my guess is straplines don't matter much to consumers. Bet they don't even remember most. The symbolism 'Rise' is may harness greater synergies and focus within Mahindra, translating maybe into greater efficiencies and innovative capabilities within.

If that's what happens, I can tell you it sure will be a 'Rise'!

Else, gravity beckons.


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