The Fruit Story

The other day, while talking about marriages someone told me this, 'I was looking for an apple and what I got was an orange. Never mind, at least I got a fruit!'

Now that's what I call positive attitude. Remember the glass half-full, half-empty story? This one's the fruit story. To not moan about an apple, instead take to the fruit is as much a 'glass-half full' perspective. Like I said, superb attitude!

I wonder how it is with consumers? Do they get apples when they seek apples? Or peaches, perhaps? My bet is, it sometimes is even worse. For apples, they get coconuts! Imagine what that means for marketers?! To get to the consumer all you have to do is to give an apple when its sought! Sure, its only satisfaction territory. But at least its better than dissatisfaction. And sure, there's delightful strawberry territory that firms can get to, but first they've got to get their apples right!

And I can say that for spousal territory too. Get the apple right and maybe we'll witness a satisfactory marriage. Get to strawberries, you'll bond for life. Coconuts mean its trouble ahead!


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