Why we'll hunt forever for the Remote

Bet your TV remote is always missing. And you can't remember where you last put it. Its frustrating. Now the only you can remember where you left the TV remote is by first noticing that you had it with you. You see, the contraption is so a much part of us, we fail to notice it as being with us.

The TV remote is now so omnipresent in our homes that we are blinded to it. Our senses (read, sight and touch) adapt so much they hardly see it or feel it. And that's why we are always hunting for it. In an over-communicated world, sensory adaptation's the greatest challenge marketers face. Sensory Adaptation is why we can't remember commercials we see on TV. Or billboards that we pass by. The only way left for marketers to break the 'routine' is by introducing stimuli that's compelling enough to arrest attention. And then holding it long enough for us to remember.

I agree, easier said than done. Which is why we'll still keep hunting. For the remote.


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