Our Jekyll n' Hyde lives

At times I am confused about myself. I wonder about the choices I make. Is it because of the way I am, or has it got to do with who I want to be? I mean, consider my choice of wear if I were to go to the mall or even elsewhere. Never mind the occasion, demins and Ts work for me. Plus no sneakers ever. Only sandals. Alphy's torn her hair out seeing me in this attire, more so because occasions don't seem to change me or my wear. And she thinks that's mighty rude.

Again, is my choice because of me or is it about who I wanna be? My guess, its the former. I couldn't care less to be prim n' proper. That's the way I am. Denim n' T is me! Now that's not to say I don't make choices that turn me into what's apt for a certain occasion. Like do the deadpan act with the 'right' wear so people think am dumb. Its interesting for me to see, sometimes its me, other times its the 'made-up' me.

The lesson?

Its important we recognise we live Jekyll n' Hyde lives. Certain times we live us because that's the way we are. Other times we do the monkey act to appear the way we need to. My bet is, the more conspicuous the context, the greater the monkey act. Outdoors, we play to galleries. At home, our 'real' selves emerge. Marketers trying to build brands need to know its the 'outdoors' where they stand a better chance. Brands click when consumers try and be what they desire they be. Its the 'contrived' act so they can live what they play out in their heads. Living that fantasy requires consumers sport brands. After all, being suave means, its a certain wear, a certain car, a certain place as hangout, and of course a certain act. Indoors, brands don't mean much, because consumers lapse back into what's real. Their boring boorish selves, I guess.

Me, I try and keep it real both ways. or at least that's what I tell myself. Yeah, you may be right. It could be me deluding myself. Plus if you're right, yeah pity, I couldn't agree more.


Pilot said…
Hello Ray,

In my opinion, the Jekyll and Hyde allusion is not conducive...

How about Bruce and Batman?
Ray Titus said…
Yeah...agree...Bruce n' Batman's better. Though batman's what's real...bruce the act...

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