Our pleasure in our pain

Its funny at times help's exactly what we DON'T want! Help only brings with it grief. Take our god-beliefs for example. Despite most gods having told us to junk practices that are, or border on being self-flagellatory, we don't seem to heed such 'helpful' advice. We still go through with our versions of self-flagellation. We climb hills, stay hungry, sport facial hair, and so on.


I believe that's the way we come to terms with what otherwise becomes too easy, and therefore in our eyes, not too valuable. After all, how can salvation come easy? There has to be something to pay! So we make sacrifices that's all too personal. We feed our psyches with the absurd so they stay sane.

Now you may be prompted to think this isn't the case when it comes to consumption. That any 'lack of help' will only dissuade us from consuming. Sure, that may be so in most purchase categories. But know that in others the lesser the 'ease', the keener the desire to consume, and greater the satisfaction. Like when you buy something that's exclusive and rare. Its better if the store isn't easily accessible. Its better if the product isn't easy in its use. Its better if the product requires that you change, than having it be what you want it to be!

Take the Enfield Bullet for example. The damn thing is a pain getting to, and then afterwards an even bigger pain riding. Funny thing is, ask the Bullet lovers what they feel and they'd the same thing that's said about a Harley. 'We'd rather push a Bullet than ride a Bajaj!'



Unknown said…
as always great post sir
Ray Titus said…
Thank you, Nikhil. And thank you for the visits and comments on my Blog. Appreciate it very much!

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