Why I switched After-shaves

I switch after-shave lotions. Its Park Avenue to Axe. Frankly I don't care about either. Then why the switch?

Its got to do with the the 'mouth' of either bottles. The former has one that's too broad and so every time I try and pour out a bit, its as if the floodgates have opened. The lotion spills out. Axe on the other hand has a narrower opening and a stopper and so I can dispense the amount I want without any excess or spillage.

I even think Park Avenue's trying to be smart. By ensuring I dispense more every time I use it they think they'll get me to buy more often. Now I don't know if this is by design, and if it is, that's downright dumb. Outsmarting me or any other consumer isn't the way to go. Because it sure gets me peeved. Enough to make me switch.

Solving consumer problems is part of crafting great solutions. Trying to be one-up on consumers means you're digging a grave for your brand. Now you may score with a sale the first time, but then on the hole only gets deeper.



Pilot said…
For a lot of people, thats just the way they like it - splash after shave rather than dispense!
Pilot said…
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Ray Titus said…
Means they aren't like me.

Splash? Burnin' up skin is fun?
Pilot said…
The excess liquid does not lengthen the burning moment...it does get wasted though...

I think the old Old Spice or Gillette television ads vouch for what I am saying.
Ray Titus said…
Course not.

But loads of alchohol on the face isn't doing anyone's countenance any good! The Ads sure are aimed at encouraging dopey behaviour to which most fall.

Pity, don't you think?
Pilot said…
Just a little bit don't hurt nobody!

Shaving is a bore, a little liberty with the after-shave sort of makes up for that.

However, that is a narrow and casual interpretation.
JACOB said…
After my exhaustive and tedious research work which has just concluded, I managed to get time to read one of the most read blogs in the world on Buying Behavior by Prof. Ray. I don’t completely agree with Prof. Ray’s argument on Park Avenue versus Axe after shave lotion. If the marketer has done it intentionally then again I have a different point here. It may be done of course intentionally to consume more at each time you use so as to replace the existing one soon. But then, strategically it might be done because once a brand move up in the pyramid it start connecting with the consumers at an emotional level and if so then the consumers who are emotionally connected to a particular brand are in sync with the brand and will go back to the same brand irrespective of its pouring. And Park Avenue from Raymond have positioned themselves so well that it is one of those top brands which are admired by many, at least in India. So strategically they are right.

Jai Ho!!!

Prof. Jacob Alexander

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