What Love means

If there's one thing that's learnt most in raising kids, its patience. Though kids are wired to be playful and naughty, at times its bound to get to you. And then you snap and hopefully not out of control. Tell you what, I am most disappointed in me if I can't rein in myself, with Jaden. I think there's no excuse to lose it, because kids will be kids. Though let me add, discipline is as important as letting kids be. Note, I've talked about the wisdom of balance before.

Being patient is also an act of love. As Apostle Paul says, 'Love is patient, Love is kind...'. Now patience is common in personal territory. Not so when the scene turns impersonal. Like when its a customer engagement scenario. We are far less patient when we deal with marketers. We demand that we be served, because there's a price we are paying. We strictly see such scenarios as transactional ones and so we insist we get our due. And if it doesn't happen, patience goes out of the window.

Patience is a virtue. Yet it doesn't come easy. For me, its an everyday learning. And I so wanna ace this study, for what better exhibition of love than patience?!


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