Love and its lack in giving

What we fear most among other things is abandonment. Of being forsaken and not being loved. Which explains why a lot of us enjoy receiving gifts. Because getting something means we are cared for, maybe even loved.

Giving can be an act of love. It can be otherwise too. When we give out of love we know its the act that counts. Ditto for the receiver. What get's given doesn't matter to one who gets. Its the act of love that holds centerstage. The joy that follows the act is a shared one that envelops the giver and the receiver.

The giving act sans love, has what is 'given' taking center-stage. Its the 'thing' in question that's of utmost importance. The giver chooses with care knowing he can't afford to go wrong with what's being given. The receiver measures the act on the monetary value of the gift. The steeper the cost, the greater the pleasure derived.

The noble giver is one who gives, and asks nothing in return. The greatest is one who gives his life to those who don't deserve. Now that's the supreme act of love. That which only God can. And he did.

Amen to that.


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