The marketer in Drudge

Why is Matt Drudge a personal hero?

1.He isn't bothered about being liberal. Damn right he's conservative, plus wears it on his sleeve unabashedly.

2.He's stuck to what he did for years. In business lingo that means he stayed with his business model despite Internet wisdom like the 'wisdom of crowds'.

3.He's what marketing's about. Brilliant segmenting and targeting. Brilliant value proposition. In marketing lingo that means he crafted an 'aggregated news' proposition for his set of readers that included yours truly. Plus he got the stories right and their presentation (read, headline) dead right!

4.He didn't go after the kind of readers that traipse up and down Facebook. After all, they have HuffPo giving them what they want.

5.He keeps a low profile.

6.And Finally he's truly an inspiration to all who think they can't make it. Drudge made it despite having been placed in psychiatric treatment, and having suffered the recommendation that he be sent to a boarding school, and if not, as last resort a foster home.

Drudge made it. Made it big! And turned everything we believed upside down while doing so!


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