The Trust deficit

Brooklyn took to the pool different from Jaden. All of eight months, Brooklyn cooed in delight and flapped her li'l hands and legs as she hit the water supported by her Grandad's palms. Jaden on the other hand wasn't about to wade in with anyone. He got in on his own and cautiously tread the pool's blue not allowing anyone to draw him in. I wasn't surprised. At four and a half, Jaden's been conditioned to what's safe and what isn't. Also he's learnt to trust, and not to. He knew the pool had a deep end where he could drown. He also wasn't about to trust anyone to keep him safe. He had to look out for himself. or so he thought and believed.

Like Jaden, consumers too are conditioned to marketers and their wily ways. So they aren't about to take marketer propositions at face value. Sure, consumers can be duped at rare times. But at all other times, consumers are wary of what marketers promise. If the risk associated with a purchase is high, consumers are even more measured. That explains all the 'checking' they do before they buy.

Marketers who score are those that can do two things. One, get consumers to get over their wariness and commit to a sale. Two, then deliver what was promised. Marketers who ace these two tasks are the ones who not only get consumer patronage, but also are able to keep it.

As for us we know Jaden and Brooklyn are only going to get warier by the day. To have them trust and commit we must make our promises and then back it up and deliver.

Wish us luck.


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