Clowning around is/isn't funny

Clowns are fun in the ring. Outside, there are as many clowns. Even at workplaces. The response to people who do the clown act at work is twofold. Most are amused, especially if they aren't at the receiving end, others detest the joker in their pack.

Clowning around if not a career choice, is about escapism. Its about enjoying fleeting moments of wild revelry that go up in smoke once real life take over. Joining in is just about the same. Detesting it and berating the clown may not mean you're uptight, only that reality doesn't afford you any escape.

As people we seek the 'escape'. At, and outside work. That's why we turn consumers and see movies, go bowling, or do the bungee. Of course there'll be ones that don't, and even if they do it'll probably be an art movie that plays on screen the misery they live.



Matz said…
What is the inspiration behind this post?
Ray Titus said…
No one in particular... :)
I loved all the content that I had not known before--they were really impressive.
craze said…
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