Inking Love

It was Angelina who took blood and ink to the level of psycho-art. Since then there have been too many wannabes trying to take the ink route to 'artistic infamy'. Sadly none have registered any appeal or recall. The latest has been another actress who's tattooed her boyfriend's name on to her hide.

Three reasons why they do it. One, delirious love loosens the left brain's grip. The right takes over. Sure hormones play a part and so emotions run wild. Two, its only natural that we show off stuff. The Gucci beside, and the tattoo on the hide are all symptomatic of our desire to 'display' to the rest of the world. Three, its the 'theory of leisure class' at play. To the actress, the inking of her love is in fact the display of a trophy she has, that other's can't. The guy in question in this particular case isn't local, he's an foreign, and therefore exotic. How many of her peers, mere mortals, can tattoo a 'Raphael'?

Conspicous consumption requires of us a state of mind that borders on delirium. Such a state is what puts tattoo shops in business, and Prada peddlers in vogue. Never mind our hallucinations, if a tattoo sells and pilots us further into a state of ecstacy, its fair exchange.

I think so. Don't you?


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