Regulation is why cutoffs go up

The stupidity surrounding cutoff marks is unbelievable! The solution being offered? Lower the cutoff marks. Change the grading system. Unbelievable again!

The solution to the kind of dumb clamour to get into certain colleges is to ask the colleges to lower their so called 'standards'? But then again, I am not surprised. What do you expect in a country where regulation rules? Where regulation ensures there's artificial scarcity? In this case scarcity of college seats. Of course the fallout to regulation is abnormal demand that drives up whatever it is the seller is offering. In this case the driven up entity is cutoff marks.

The real answer to such absurdity is to increase supply. Increasing supply in turn requires that regulation be throttled. Which of course isn't forthcoming as we know crony capitalism (read socialism) is what thrives here. If any country wants consumers to be kings it requires that as many sellers are brought into market to compete, and peddle their wares. Such wares include education too.

For the moment that's a pipe dream. Which means the cutoffs stay!


Piyush said…
100% cut off only for science students in India's premier commerce college SRCC. Its a subjective stand on the institution part to not allow non-commerce student with unrealistic cut-off (which only 1-2 student must have scored).
Your argument is valid on demand and supply, but this also fosters non-movement of students from one stream to another. It restricts young generation to try out new field (in case they fail or cannot make the most out of it).
Ray Titus said…
That 'non-movement' Piyush you refer to, is not because SRCC isn't 'wise' enough, its because there aren't other instituions that allow such 'moves'.

Again, guess why? Blame regulation. Because regulation is why there aren't smarter, 'movement-allowing' instituions, that could either have come from the West or been set up by 'smart' people within.
Prof, agreed on the demand-supply situation and quantity. But, how do we ensure quality of education? AICTE gives approval easily in engineering and Management. Hundreds of institutes mushroom (to make money) and many seats remain vacant due to oversupply, but poor quality.

Even the ones that graduate are not employable.

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