The bureaucratic hurdle to a Pee

Bureaucracy brings with it a bit (or a lot?) of idiocy. Take the enforcement of a school uniform regimen for example. Established for a certain purpose the school uniform unfortunately can take on designs that do not allow for a kindergarten student to pee in peace. Jaden currently has to navigate through buttons and zippers before he can do the 'act'. Mercifully he's learnt the ropes quickly enough.

Bureaucracy also means consumers suffer the same idiocy. A few days ago I visit a Reliance Digital store so I can buy a PS II for Jaden. I notice there's an offer on MP3 players, but open only to students who can produce a valid ID card. At the store I try and strike a bargain. I tell them I too am a student, but of a PhD program. I ask if I can avail the offer on the MP3, whilst reminding them I intend to buy a PS II. The store guy refuses to extend the MP3 offer to me. I warn him about losing not just an MP3 sale, but a PS II too. He says he's sorry but the promo rules say I need to be student. I say okay, and walk out.

Bureaucratic idiocy is all too common. Its a pity at times it gets in the way of a pee. At other times it zips shut a sale.


Pilot said…
Well, they prevented misuse of the offer...that's what they did..

So, Phd-pursuing PS2-purchasers cannot avail the offer and those who are generally considered students can!

Can't ask the stores to be specific...that would be stupefy the rest of us...
Ray Titus said…
Misuse? Such bureaucratic prevention of misuse is what shuts corporations down. Oh and yes, add to that the idiocy of marketers who design promos!
Wonderful post. Superb closing lines.
Ray Titus said…
Thank you, Dr. Debashish. Appreciate it. :)

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