The hitch in the Wish & the Pitch

Someone from Amex calls me the other day to wish me happy birthday. The wish is followed by a pitch asking me to be a Amex Card member. My initial pleasant feeling now turns slightly sour. I tell the Amex guy I got too many cards. He persists. I don't relent.

Imagine if Amex had just called me only to wish me happy birthday. Imagine. I'd be pleasantly surprised. Amex would have left me with me a grin, and in turn I wouldn't forget them that easy. The Amex card pitch could have followed a while later. Instead Amex clubs the wish and the pitch together to a disastrous consequence. I don't become a member, plus I am left thinking Amex is being too crafty for its boots.

Maybe its too tall an ask to expect businesses to care for real. But at least they don't have to be daft. Oh, and the other day they called, wasn't my birthday.


Now, that's so weird ! I mean, isn't Marketing supposed to be guided by common sense?
Caring for real, i agree, is too much to ask for; but I guess it's high time they learned to pretend !
...n by the way, Happy Birthday, belated !

P.S.: I sell soap.You wanna buy? !!!
Unknown said…
Is it because the immature indian market that these kind of channels are still used to reach potebtial customer?
You bet! we all have suffered from this Cryogenic Sales Pitch.
Ray Titus said…

You peddle Soap,
So much Hope,
But can you Cope,
When I say Nope?


try n sell hope,
its almost like dope,
bet you won't mope,
for you'll sell soap!
Can't believe you wrote that, Professor !

Loved it, truly !
Read that out to Jaden...he'll love it too, i bet :)

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