Its a loss of face they're salvaging

As I had mentioned Om Puri's language was regrettable. An apology will surely set things right. But don't for a moment think the clamour to censure him is about maintaining parliamentary dignity. Its more about salvaging the collective esteem of parliamentarians who have taken a terrible bashing the past week. After all, who amongst us can take a hit when its comes to self esteem?

I am convinced the need for self-esteem far outstrips every other need, even basic physiological ones. Take taking to suicide for example. People don't mind killing themselves. Its the loss of face they can't put up with.

The need for esteem is good news to marketers. It allows them to offer consumers solutions that heighten their sense of self-esteem. Of course, it isn't good news to poor Om Puri who was ganged upon (on a TV show) just now by parliamentarians seeking to bring back from the brink some of their lost esteem. I am not sure the politicians salvaged anything judging from the mouthful they got from Arun Bhatia (also on the show), and the studio applause that accompanied the latter's tirade.

P.S. - Wanna know who willingly took a beating to his esteem? Read this.


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