We follows I

Jaden's art on the wall isn't always welcome. At home we're trying to find a balance between permission and denial to his scrawls on the walls. For now, we aren't getting anywhere. His creative instincts seem to be on a gallop. But what's interesting is they seem to reveal much.

The first scrawls that started a while back put his name on the wall. Over and over. Then they started getting more inclusive. Currently, Brooklyn, Alphy, and I feature on the walls. Isn't that interesting? At first, for Jaden its a sense of self that's exhibited. A certain comfort achieved in that category and his circle gets bigger. His immediate social setting that's us as family get included.

As people and as consumers we fixate on ourselves. Meaning we're absorbed by our own needs. From a behavioural perspective, this is the recognition of need stage in what could turn into a consumer decision making act. After the recogniton's done we loosen our grip and let the socio-cultural environment in (note, the socio-cultural could also be the reason to a recognition of need). That's the influence stage playing out. Pretty soon we may decide.

For the marketer the hope is for a sale. For the consumer, the hope is need fulfillment.


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