What lets Institutions stay

Its classic Catch-22 for the Congress Party. Whatever it does, it'll mess up. Its either succumbing to persuasion and subversion of Parliamentary procedure by taking up the Bill, or the risk of being booted out of power come next election should Anna's health deteriorate.

What should the Government do?

Find a middle ground. Pronto. Don't bother too much procedures. After all, democracy is about the people, and the latter currently don't seem to come across as a lynch mob, though the risk is they may degenerate into one. Also loose any remnants of belligerence and negotiate with the Anna team in earnest.

In the world of business too its consumers who matter. Not procedures, not policies. Procedures and policies matter only if they aid in the creation and delivery of superior value to consumers. If they don't, yank them out and consign them to the bin. Businesses stay and thrive only if they matter to consumers.

In nations, institutions stay if they serve the people.


Pilot said…
I am surprised there are no responses to what is a sublime comment on the current situation.

Tonight, the news channels all had something worth listening to, which made shuffling between them inevitable. However, the few ludicrous idealists, theorists and whoever else with neither their foot or their ears on the ground evoked a burst of outrage. Statements like "government has been reasonable," "seriously considering demands," "people need patience," among other retarded junk are being made by those not part of the government, lead one to momentarily frustration and anger.

The worst part - they don't even know how preposterous their convictions are.

Thankfully, there was some solace in reminding myself of this piece of yours. Knowing that there are realists and reasonable people that outnumber those imbeciles, was some relief.

Again, this is probably your best post!
Ray Titus said…
Thank you. Appreciate your comment. :)

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