What rises, What sinks

Corporate branding means zilch to consumers till a company's products deliver. I mean Mahindra can cry hoarse with its 'rise campaign'. So can Hero Motors, proclaiming it will rise post the Honda exit. To consumers all of this doesn't matter one bit. They'll take nothing for granted. In fact, they will wait for these companies to unveil their products, and then they'll judge making comparisons to MNC products. If Mahindra or/and Hero deliver, they'll 'rise'!

Corporate branding surely gives a company's products a 'consideration' edge. I mean consumers may put them higher up in their list because of greater recognition and recall. But tell you what, these considerations won't come because of any communication campaigns. They will materialise because the company's delivered in the past with products. Take Mahindra for example. Their SUV product Scorpio's done more for their corporate brand than all the advertising dollars they've sunk.

Mahindra and Hero won't get any favours from consumers for their corporate brand communication campaigns. Those favours will come only if they can bring to market products consumers value. That'll then be their best communique ever. Plus they can save up on what they've sunk on the likes of Akon, Boris and others.


Pranay Mathur said…
Sir, I agree with your opinion on Mahindra's corporate branding. However, I believe that in the case of Hero MotorCorp it was necesaary as the company has been rechristened. It is essential for not so informed customers to be made aware through the mass media. Also I think corporate branding becomes essential when a company wants to leverage the brand name for its upcoming products in a new segment or an entirely new industry.
Ray Titus said…
Actually its Hero trying to tell us they're still as good, sans Honda. Whether that's true not, time will tell!

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