The attitude contrasts to Moditva

When brand gasbag Suhel Seth terms Modi a 'transformational leader' he ends up saying more about himself than the Gujarat Chief Minister. He reveals himself as someone who's taken the 'affective-feel' route to forming attitudes. Such attitudes are what lead to the usage of a descriptive term like 'transformational'. Now, pray why Suhel writes such stuff? Because an invite from the Chief Minister lands him a sermon that he gives the business-wallahs in Ahmedabad. I am not surprised. Guys like Suhel thrive on ego needs. A chance at a sermon and they'll bellow the tune you seek.

Contrast Suhel with some one like Teesta. Her route to attitudes is the cognitive one. She's not one to sway to ego-lures. She sticks her ground and focuses on what she's after. Justice for the victims of Gujarat.

The affective route to forming attitudes works with the gasbag types. For they'll do anything to ride an ego trip. Its important therefore for brands to go overboard with emotional appeals. But take the same route to appeal to those high on cognition needs, and the brand will fail in engineering positive attitudes. The 'objective' types can only be won over with rational appeals that make sense to their intelligence.

Modi's fast works for those gung-ho on machismo. It falls flat with those that seek justice. What we need to watch out for is whether the gung-ho appeal will work outside of Gujarat.

I for one don't think so. Plus hope so.


Unknown said…
All this was done soon after the word broke that a US Congressional committee saw him to be a prime ministerial material for the next polls, to be held, if on time, in 2014. He worked like a short-order cook but served out a gourmet meal. Of course, couple of things went wrong...The most important being,the timing of Modi's fast(if it can be called one)....

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