Its people who matter to consumers

In our everyday life at home the rare 'tense' moment (while raising our kids) between Alphy and me is quite an influence on my immediate subsequent behaviour. The hassled me turns a tad bit harsher when it comes to disciplining Jaden. The hassle hangover stays for a few minutes after which I am jerked back into a realisation of my own behaviour. Thankfully its then back to normal.

Our states of mind influence what we exhibit as behavior. Our states of mind in turn are highly susceptible to the quality of the preceding human engagement. A pleasant encounter with people puts us at ease. A testing one frays our nerves.

In the world of business, every service encounter can either have a pleasant or a bitter aftermath. If its the former that plays out, expect the consumer to exhibit a negative attitude to what's encountered next. For example, a callous waiter can be real cause for our grouse with the food. Conversely a lovely store person may be reason why we buy more than we need.

Its time marketers understood the power their people wield when it comes to business and sales. In fact I'd recommend companies not waste too much money on software and systems. Instead that money is better spent nurturing people.

I can guarantee you, that will be money well spent.


Matz said…
Positive Customer Experience Generation through exceptional customer service is key to successful Marketing of Services

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