Much ado about nothing

Part of our problem in India is the excess virtue that we ascribe to stuff that needs no such worshipful attitudes. Look at our response to parents and teachers. We aren't supposed to question their wisdom for they can't be wrong. And even if they are, we must stay mum and buy into their nonsense.

Beats me.

I for one don't think parents or teachers deserve any more respect than anyone else. In fact every person deserves respect. We don't need to dish out respect in larger doses for any particular entity. In fact doing the extra doses for ages I believe, is at heart of why there's never any deviant or radical thinking (read, innovation) that comes out of our country.

Now such virtuous attitudes extend into consumption territory too. Much virtue for example is seen in minimal consumption. If one dares to consume in plenty, there's a bout of condemnation waiting round the corner. Agreed, there's a great divide between the 'have' and the 'have-nots' which may call for 'responsible' consumption. But the truth is, the lot of the 'have-nots' get better if the 'haves' consume in larger quantum. Limiting consumption only makes the have-nots worse off.

I for one think its time we abandon our sense of excessive virtue. I bet it'll only do us good.


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