Standing up

So let me understand what the third world commentators are saying about America fighting the wars its fighting. Their collective chorus recommends America should have taken the 9/11 aftermath lying down and playing mum. Yeah, its a thought. But thank God, the Americans thought otherwise. Thank God, there was someone who stood up to evil.

Make no mistake, America must stand for liberty. Communist, freedom depriving China can't and won't do it. Ditto for socialist Europe. The United States of America is our only hope for a free world.

But be worried, for everything isn't as hunky dory as it seems, even in the land of liberty. Note Michael Filizof, 'If the World War II generation was "The Greatest Generation," their baby-boom offspring upon whose watch 9/11 occurred are "The Weakest and Most Narcissistic Generation." Instead of unifying the nation, the political left manipulated the worst attack on the American mainland since the War of 1812 with shameless demagoguery. Why? As historian John Lukacs has written, the left everywhere is motivated by fear.

After 9/11, the left (which had undertaken a largely-successful 40-year campaign to undermine American values and American patriotism) was terrified to see Americans rally to the flag, to the military, and to patriotic values. The lesson of 9/11 is this: the American left fears the American right more than it fears Islamic terrorism. It fears patriotism and nationalism more than Sharia law. The left would rather appease Islamic militants than rally to a conservative American president from the Republican Party who believes in the U.S. Constitution and in Jesus Christ. September 11 revealed that the U.S. is a disunited society riven by factionalism and narcissism. Consequently, it cannot -- and ultimately will not -- survive.

On 9/11, actual terrorists hijacked airliners filled with hundreds of civilian men, women, and children and murdered those innocents by smashing them into the World Trade Center. As the Twin Towers erupted in flames, office workers trapped on the upper floors faced a horrifying choice: would they rather burn to death, or jump a hundred stories to the pavement?

Hundreds jumped. Some held hands on the way down.

Ten years later, the vice president of the United States said that congressional Republicans who balked at raising the national debt ceiling to an obscene $16 trillion were "acting like terrorists."

There is no better proof of American decline than that.'

For the world's sake, I hope Michael isn't right.


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