Why we can or can't forgive

Forgiving isn't easy. But its easier doing, if either the act doesn't cut too deep, or is an exception, not the norm.

Words can hurt. If such words repeat often, forgiveness will run thin eventually petering out. It will also then become difficult to separate the articulated from the articulator. Meaning the person now starts to embody the language mouthed. Forgiveness turns next to impossible.

Its the same with our experiences as consumers. The first one that goes sour may not sound the death knell for the service provider. After all, we are willing to forgive. But if it happens one too many times we won't be as forgiving. Chances are we'd abandon the provider and move to another.

This then harkens the beginning to the end of a service provider. In life as in business, its important we get our language and our service right as many times as we can. For there's always someone at the receiving end who may be called to forgive if we mess up.

If we stumble too often, chances are we'll shut sooner, or kiss being forgiven goodbye.


Marketing Fairy said…
Always good to read your posts. I like the psychological point of view towards products/services/mgt.
Ray Titus said…
Thanks, Deepika. Appreciate it. :)

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