Apple Man, 1955-2011

'Good lord. Any one of these many accomplishments, and Jobs would be hailed as a titan of industry. You may or may not be an “Apple person,” but the way you work, play and compute have all been deeply effected by the man in the black, mock-neck sweater. From your Windows 7 all-in-one computer, to your Acer Timeline ultra-lightweight laptop, to your SanDisk MP3 player, to your Android smartphone or your Samsung tablet — none of them are made by Apple and all of them adhere to the vision of Steve Jobs.

That’s an astounding legacy, unparalleled except perhaps for Henry Ford.

Poor health is certainly what prompted Jobs to resign yesterday as CEO of Apple, Inc. Nobody knows how long he’ll have to enjoy his retirement — but he’s earned it like no one else has.

So, thanks, Steve, for all the insanely great stuff. Thanks also for leaving Apple in such capable hands. But thank you most of all for setting an example that never failed to inspire.

ONE MORE THING: I’m adding this on the day of Jobs’s passing, too. Three days ago, industry analyst Horace Dediu crunched some very serious numbers. Since 2007, iOS has gone on to become a bigger profit center than all of Microsoft.

That is, in the space of four years, Apple created, from scratch, something more valuable than Microsoft’s entire product line. And they did it with just two devices, the iPhone and the iPad.

Now that’s a legacy.

Rest well, Steve.'

- Stephen Green, 'Steve Jobs: RIP.'


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