Free markets, not redistribution, is the best way to reduce Poverty

So now we have some of the top economists in India advocating a return to universal PDS. What's important to note here isn't their advocacy, but the institutions they belong to.

Should it be surprising that economists who work for government institutions or institutions funded by government advocate the PDS?

Note what Andrew Quinlan of the CF&P Foundation has to say, "Poverty is typically used as an excuse for expanding government and redistributing wealth, but freedom and prosperity go hand in hand. We need more economic freedom - which means less government interference - so that the less fortunate have an opportunity to climb the economic ladder."

Adds Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute, "The safety net has become a hammock. Rather than reducing poverty, government programs have gone overboard and are now encouraging it. The government needs to return to its core duties and the federal government should get out of the business of income redistribution."


Unknown said…
We used to often talk about free market but now the people who supported this ideology of free market is some how cursing this.

For example "Occupy wall street movement".

I think this fight is against the free market ideology.They are against the Corp-orates lobbying the white house.

2nd The democratic is some how trying to bring the buffet tax,ie taxing the rich based on there income.

These are a few indicators that people are against free market and they need some change.

So i think middle class people in america or the whole of Europe facing the crisis is against free market.

What i have understood is that

Countries that haven't experienced free market are moving toward free markets. and countries which have experienced the free market moving back to a socialistic approach.

also posting a link "".
Ray Titus said…
I guess when you say 'moving back', you are referring to bleedin' heart should that be surprising?....surely you can't expect any different from community organiser Obama and his troops...

Well, what can I say,....idiots lets get together and celebrate the hippie, live on scraps crowd, and crucify the productive ones!

Long live the revolution!

Welcome misery!

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