Making sense

At times, stuff that makes no sense to me makes perfect sense to others. The other day, the diesel Genset (in the basement) that lights up our building during times of power cuts, was the object of prayer. I can't get it. Why must a 'thing' be part of worship?

But then I realise its part of what's been for ages a religious practice in our country. To those who do the practice it makes perfect sense. After all, Ayudha Puja is a 'worship of the implements'. Now if I were a marketer, being either confounded or staying blissfully ignorant about such practices is a no-no. After all, to successfully sell I must know how consumers buy. Knowing how consumers buy is a subset of knowing how they behave in real life. Making a Genset an object of worship is part of that behaviour, and so making sense of such practice must up on the marketer's priority list.

Knowing and absorbing culture is a necessity for marketers. Its facilitates the crafting of consumer value propositions that operate within cultural diktats, thus bringing with it greater mass acceptability.

Of course, along the way the Genset worship will also start to make sense.


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