Why Alphy cares and I don't

Alphy's been fussing about her few strands of grey. Though I have thrice as much, I don't care. Instead, what bothers me more is my battle with the bulge. The difference between our 'bothers' is the difference between what is the pursuit of the 'ideal social self', and the 'ideal self'.

To Alphy its about looking a certain way when she's 'out'. To me its looking a certain way, when I am 'in'. Let me explain. Alphy cares more about how she looks to others. I care more about how I look to me. If my bulge gets the better of me I'll be disappointed with myself. In fact it isn't easy for me to admit I may lose (I won't!), for that will diminish me in my own eyes. For Alphy the disappointment I reckon is more about how she may have to answer her significant others, our neighbours for example.

Our pursuit of our ideals selves is a universal. The difference is whether that pursuit's a result of a desired social self, or just a desired self. The former category consists of those who care about what others think. The latter look to answering to themselves. Either way, its apt opportunity for marketers. Though I must add, they will have to position brands differently while appealing to the two types I described.

For the Alphy types, the brand's promise will have to be social success. For the me types, it will have to be self satisfaction that's guaranteed!

P.S. Alphy vehemently disagrees with my analysis. But I know I'm right! :)


R.V. said…
is it possible that the same theory of ideal self be true for the concern for some strands of grey hair?
Deepali Chandra said…
I loved the analysis, you are at your best in convincing. Still bit more is needed. How would you address this when solution is there and person is reluctant to use it?
I believe it takes time to accept the fact that gray strand are coming. We are attached with our usual self and show inertia for change. Like Alphy is still hesitant to accept the fact and act on it. And Prof you being at your best that 'I don’t Care'. Its again the inertia to change.

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