Building Steve, Breaking Qaddafi

Giving up the ghost with famous last words at times makes news. Especially if the people in question are newsmakers. Steve went with a few wows and Qaddafi tried 'don't shoot' to avoid kicking the bucket.

Now its important we know they went that way. More so for their intended audience. The 'wow' story tops up nicely the legend that Steve is. For those swooning, this story is only a reaffirmation to what they have always believed, that Steve is God. The Qaddafi story though similar, is quite a contrast. His pathetic plea firmly unseats him from the pedestal of a revolutionary. So all those who believe in the revolution can now know their leader is a miserable coward who pled for mercy, something he didn't ever consider during his tyranny.

Last words are important. They are stimuli that build perceptions. In the case of Steve, the legend must go on. The Steve stories I dismiss as near nonsense is lapped up by the Apple horde. Which is good, 'cause in the end its about the cash registers ringing. I surely don't have a problem with that. I also don't have a problem with last minute pleas if they can usher in people's rule.

Much of the Steve and Qaddafi story, I guess isn't true. But these stories are important, for they build brands, for the good and bad. Which is helpful. The good enables us to buy in, the bad aids rejection.


Unknown said…
great post sir ,as seth godin also said and off-course Steve practiced it very well "tell a story to ur customer which they want to hear"

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