Nonsense makes sense

Kolaveri di is an out and out case of stimulus response. Zero information processing, pure stimulus response.

Let me explain. As a stimulus Kolaveri di presents content that arrests our attention. Technically that means we select the stimuli because we hear and see something that is distinctly different. The lyrics, the tune, and the visuals that don't mean much are why it isn't ordinary. Surely, nonsense must stand out in sea of sense. Especially to a particular demographic that then takes to it lock stock and barrel. Add to this, the herd mentality kicking in. If Kolaveri di's cool, who am I to differ?

What follows our selection of this stimuli is an instantaneous act of organization and interpretation. Now this comes easy because it taxes none of the cognitive abilities. We aren't called to process any information, only respond to stimuli. And that's easy. After all, the lyrics mean nothing, the tune's arresting, and the scene compelling. Born out of impulse and instinct (which is why it is what it is), not careful design, Kolaveri di presents a body of work that connects at multiple levels.

But remember, Kolaveri di isn't a phenomenon. It's a fad that's having its time under the sun. What will soon follow will be wannabe Kolaveris trying to engineer what the original's pulled off. They will fail. By then, Kolaveri di will be dead.

But don't fret much, 'cos nonsense will again find its way in. For a certain demographic at times, nonsense is what will make complete sense.

P.S. - Why has the north of the Vindhyas taken to Kolaveri di? Simple. Taking to nonsense at times is a universal. Language's never a barrier.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
wanna be cool segment has promoted it as it helps them to project themselves as "cool"
Ray Titus said…

I guess 'cool' has something to do with it...

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