Beware, its the lull!

The talking heads on TV think the Anna movement is fizzling out. I'd recommend they be smarter than that.

The passing of the Lokpal bill in the Indian Parliament means zilch to people in India. It surely provided frenzied talking moments for TV heads yesterday, as it did for parliamentarians to put in a show on the floor. But when it comes to the tax paying citizens of this country, the bill means nada. What is bound to continue and frustrate people will be an entrenched bureaucracy and political class that can't, and won't do anything to better people's lives!

Guess what happens then?

The movement will be back. It will ride on the frustrations of taxpaying citizens to take center stage again. And all it will take for that to happen is time. Its the 'timing' that will be the key. The 'time' needed for now, is for the weather to change, the holiday season to get over, and of course for corruption to rear up again!

All of the above will happen. The talking heads better take note.

Ditto for marketers who think their place in sun will continue forever. Entrenched brands take note. There's danger from an upstart round the corner. And consumers like people, don't care much about who you are, or that they patronise you for now. In fact, consumers will drop you at the blink of an eye and switch to a competing brand, if they buy into the promise of a 'better' solution from a competitor.

For now, its a lull on the Lokpal front. But the storm's brewing.



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