A boy and a girl

I always thought Jaden was the cool customer. No overt displays of affection, no happy yells at seeing me back from work. Brooklyn, all of a year old seems markedly different. She's the one who runs up, and gets picked. She doesn't hold back on resting on my shoulder or sitting on my knee.

Tell you what, I was cautioned on this marked difference in behaviour. Its been fascinating to see it unfold. As a father I am called to alter the way I respond to Jaden and Brooklyn. As the years go by, I guess it'll get tougher, but I'd like to believe I will be up to it.

Fluid changes in response depending on who the consumer is, or what he's turned into, is what marketers are called to do. Simply because consumers aren't alike. Also because they're going to evolve and so won't be like the way they were earlier. Segmenting to a certain extent helps marketers fashion customised responses. But the future will belong to those than can micro-market. That is, customise to the farthest extent possible. Of course, it won't be easy. But it will have to be done.

Just like I will have to deal 'differently' with Jaden and Brooklyn.


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