The Caveman & The Vampire

Show me a girl who doesn't want to be swept off her feet, and I'll get you a mutt who can wink. Kinda explains why romancing vampires can be such a hit. Its the fantasy that's working. For all those women currently swooning over Edward, its their heads playing tricks on them. Its them living the fantasy romance in their heads.


Isn't that simple? How many women do you know who are being swept off their feet by their better halves? I know girls, its such a pity romance is dead and buried. That all you get is cavemen lookin' for meat.

Our fantasies are our escape from drudgery. And the only way we can live that fantasy is by turning consumers. Which is why we watch romancing vampires goggle-eyed on screen. Why we down good money on flashy gizmos that do nothing other than make us go yakety yak.

Thank heavens we live bored lives. Else marketers would be scraping the barrel. But for the moment its the marketers who are laughing their way to the bank. And women getting over a vampire-hangover are letting the reality of cavemen sink in.


Kiko said…
Romancing vampires?? Really?? Kikass.. I like the way your mind wanders places and absorbs everything thats happening in that place so picture perfectly. IMPRESSIVE WORK.. Kudos.. Looking forward for more SATYAWACHANS...
sonal said…
sir..what i feel is most of girls gets attracted towards as "BAD GUYS" easily in real life. its same psychology that drives them towards vampire like character more in reel life..
Sonia said…
Nice write up sir. After reading this blog I wish I was born during the 'Swinging Sixties', when life was all about falling in love and living happily ever after(Sigh!). If it were the 60's I would say being a consumer of vampire movies would be worth it. But, sadly those years are long gone and as you said we are plainly wasting good money on fantasies.
Normally life moves forward, but have we ? After reading this blog,I feel we moved back in time, back to the 'Cavemen' period. Times, when men work hard to survive. Who knows, this might just be a passing phase. Men one day, might take the lover's leap and women will stop, let's say shopping !

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