I am why businesses exist!

As a consumer I need to be worried about the Kirana store down the road that would go out of business if FDI is allowed in multi-branded retail?

As a consumer I need to be worried about the trader who will be squeezed out of the retail chain if Wal- Mart came in ?


The way I see it, every trade and traders within exist because I decide to spend my money on products and services! By that count, shouldn't I be the one who's protected? Shouldn't I be given the freedom to buy from whoever and wherever? If Wal-Mart's where I wanna buy from, who should have a problem? After all, the last I heard, its my hard-earned money I am spending, am I not?


Unknown said…
why should consumer pay more because of intermediaries who don't add any value to the product.

but one question sir that nobody has answered properly in going on debate -- till now why companies like reliance and future group were not able to do what wallmart has done in other countries and is expected to do in india.

companies like reliance has also big pocket
Ranjit said…
Reliance group is about 5% the size of Wal-Mart. :)That should give one new perspective of what a true "multinational giant" really is!

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