The Moral Man & Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is dead.


But wait a minute. That means dwindling opportunities to demonstrate the work of grace, the handiwork of God. Hitchens was a celebrity who through his vitriol put God on center stage. Such Hitchenesque hatred allowed the likes of Dinesh D'Souza (among others) to comprehensively prove the existence of a loving God (video above), whilst demonstrating how we've benefitted as a race via the Judeo-Christian principles.

Hitchens and his ilk need to be around for us to be reminded and proven to, of the grace of god. Its much like needing liberal socialists, so we never take the goodness of liberty and free markets for granted.

The work of grace and of free markets is pretty much the same. They liberate us. As people, and as consumers.

CH, you'll be missed. Now you know why.


Sherry Thomas said…
hahaha..waiting for Dinesh D'Souza Vs Richard that will be a feast!!
Ranjit said…
Question, Professor!

Keeping everything about your life just the same, just changing the fact that you had been born into a family that did not follow the Judeo-Christian faith - would you have then been as surely convinced that it was that religion that actually created and guided mankind through the millenia?

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