Why consumers will suffer in India

As Calcutta and the rest of India grieves, TV channels tom-tom the same question all over again. Times Now asks, 'Is India a zero public safety nation?'

Now isn't that easily answered? But then it really doesn't matter because as a nation we still won't the take the road that leads to better products and services. When I say better, I also mean safer. For the moment, Mamtadi, anti-FDI crusader has gotten the hospital in question's license cancelled. I wonder what good is it to those who have lost loved ones?

The truth is, its the license raj that ensures consumers get the rotten end of the barrel. Licenses that are supposed to protect us consumers from unscrupulous service providers are the real reason why the latter thrive. Fixing a system that depends on regulations ensuring quality is easy. Bribe the regulator and you can get away with near murder. Which is why for ages past, and for ages to come, the Indian system was, and will be 'fixed'.

And guess who'll suffer? Consumers! Sometimes with the kind of disastrous consequences like the one we witnessed today at the AMRI hospital.

The answer to better quality products and services for consumers isn't greater regulation. As I said, regulators can be fixed. Its been happening for donkey's years in India. The only way out ironically is to eliminate regulation and bring in competition. That will have quality zoom, and consumers benefit. For god's sake, bring the MNCs in!

But then again, that's something Indians can't mouth or even understand. The socialist nonsense that passes off as government regulating because they 'care' for us, is not easy to shrug off. The latest example is one that's the handiwork of Mamtadi herself. After all, didn't she stand steadfast and save us from big bad Wal-Mart?

Though tragic, don't be surprised at what happened today. Regulation and government control can't save us consumers. Only competition in the market place can! It'll take a while before we Indians get around to understanding that. In the meanwhile brace yourself for more tragedies!

The only thing that can save us are prayers. Here's praying for all of us!


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