Staying Ahead, Staying Dumb

I must admit the Hindu's broadcast media campaign taking potshots at the ToI arrests attention with its content. But is it good enough to sway consumers to make a change in their choice when it comes to their newspaper?

I doubt it.

For the campaign to work, two things must happen. One, people must admit they are dumb, and two, they must want to do something about it. Now getting either of that to happen is close to wishing the impossible. Plus what makes the Hindu think people are interested in knowing what an ATM stands for, and not who's size zero?

Agreed, the campaign will enhance Hindu's recall as a brand but then again, is that good enough?

For information sake know that I read the ToI. The way I see it, I ain't dumb. I'd be if I wanted to read socialist sermons the Hindu preaches. If the Hindu wants me to switch, they don't need to sink big bucks into a TVC campaign. All they have to do is get into bed with free market capitalism.

They won't. I know.


Anonymous said…
I loved this one.. I truly agree. Even though the ad speaks volumes on creativity and attracting people to think on what Hindu really is, if TOI and HINDU are in front of a person people would be more intrested in what is happening with 'dugu' than the PM.:)
Ray Titus said…
Thanks Shruti, appreciate it. :)

Btw, who's 'dugu'?

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