Corporations are People

Andersen Cooper can do the puppy dog look all he wants and tell me that mandating companies to pay for contraception isn't the same as asking taxpayers to pay for contraception; it still won't cut any ice with me.

Why? Because I've got enough sense to know corporations are people. They aren't what they are, as characterised by the likes of Andersen. Corporations aren't brick and mortar. And so when government mandates that corporations pay for contraception, they are mandating that a group of people pay for contraception intended for a group that works for them.

Now, how fair is that? For the record, if a corporation willingly wants to pay for their employees' contraception, or their pigeon feed, I like others won't say a word. After all, if shareholders want to give away money so people can have sex, or keep pets, who am I to raise hell?

Its important we realise that corporations and taxpayers are alike. The former's a set of people, the latter's the same set disaggregated.


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