Modern Feminism

'Abortion, birth control, and promiscuous sex are the cornerstones of the modern feminist movement. Say that women shouldn’t sleep around with wild abandon, and you’re out of the club. Mention that you’re pro-life, and you aren’t allowed to call yourself a feminist. Do the unthinkable and suggest that women should pay for their own abortions and birth control, and you’re castigated as a woman-hating tool of the patriarchy. Feminists throw the word “choice” around and like to pretend that they fight so women can have different choices. The truth is, feminists will decide what kind of lifestyle is best for you, and if you have a problem with it, you better keep your mouth shut and your wallet open. Because not only do you have to approve of their whoredom, you’ve got to subsidize it also.

The worst part of the obsession with sluthood? The harm to women. For starters, one in five women currently have herpes. Rates of chlamydia among women have also skyrocketed, with almost three times as many women infected as men. HPV, a disease which can cause cancer, is so prevalent now that at least half of all sexually active adults have been diagnosed with it at some point. According to the CDC, of the 12,000 women who get cervical cancer each year, almost all of them are HPV-related. The effects are even worse on younger girls. Sixty-three percent of teens who have sex wish they didn’t. The Heritage Foundation did a study and found that 8,000 teenagers are infected with an STD daily.

As a woman, how is it better to close our eyes and bleat “empowerment!” about women being sluts? It’s harmful, degrading, and even the feminists advocating for sluthood admit to feeling used, cheap, and worthless. It may seem harsher to call someone a slut, but far better for us to stop glorifying sluthood as if it’s some kind of acceptable lifestyle than to praise women for it. What’s the better choice in the long run for women? To lie to them about the greatness of being a whore, or to be honest and call sluts what they are? Believe it or not, slut-shaming serves a purpose.

We can lie to women all day long about the excitement of the hook-up culture, but it’s far better to tell women the truth, even though the word “slut” stings.'

- Cassy Fiano, 'In Defense of Slut-Shaming.'


Sherry Thomas said…
In the book " Crossing the Threshold of Hope" by John Paul 11, he emphasizes the fact that contemperory femisism has infact resulted in the abscence of true respect for woman.The facts mentioned does support the observation. Excellent read.

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