Our obsession with us

There's no denying the decency and earthiness Sachin carries with him, both on and off the field. But when he says he doesn't play for records, I say, hmmm.

Does he?

Look at the statistics. The match which he got his hundredth hundred in, he scored at a pace of 4.6 runs per ever. Compare that with for example his teammates' scoring rate. Plus India lost. Now what does that say about Sachin and his comment on not playing for records?

You decide.

Don't for a moment be surprised at what Sachin did. That's what most of us would do. After all, decisions we take on and off the 'field' are meant to maximise on our payoffs. Take consumption decisions for example. All of them are engineered to ensure our needs are met in the best manner possible. When we purchase via comparisons, we are in effect trying to maximise on our value accrual from available alternatives. What we seek is the best product or service (read, solution to our need), for the money we pay.

When I hear people say, the team's above an individual, I think what nonsense. Its the other way round. For every player, its him above the team. Ditto for Sachin. Plus for everyone else. Don't be surprised for that's the way we are wired in our being. That's how we decide, consistently in our own favour. Its plain to see Sachin played for his hundredth hundred and not the team. We shouldn't fault him for that. As I said, most of us would do the same. And in many ways its good we are wired that way. At least it's perfect for marketers. For in consuming, we don roles of 'individualists' bent on maximising 'value' that accrues to us via our purchases. It sounds selfish but its good.

Reserve you admiration, not for the likes of Sachin, but for those who sacrifice so others benefit. Such people do so willingly asking for nothing in return. They are the true heroes amongst us. Not Sachin.

Here's hoping we celebrate them.


Renu said…
True !! There are so many unsung heroes who actually do a lot for others, not for the sake of records or fame. one example is - http://www.timbaktu.org/
We have visited this place and it is unbelievable .
Renu said…
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