Why Indian Americans vote Barack

That 80% Indian-Americans will vote Barack should not come as a surprise. After all, it isn't easy understanding or digesting Capitalism. Getting free markets into your blood, and government out of it requires that you abandon the 'taxpayer community is required to help me' mindset.

Capitalism thrusts the 'I am responsible for me' credo down everyones throats. That surely isn't palatable to those waiting for flesh and blood messiahs to give their lives direction. Barack's done a superlative job in plonking the 'I'll take care of you, cause you're an idiot' halo round his head, Plus, I am qualified he boasts, 'I've been a community organizer'. Indian Americans have taken to such talk lock, stock, and barrel and in doing so they have only reiterated what is in their blood. The belief in the 'collectivism' nonsense.

Remember, 'Yes We Can!'

There's enough evidence out there to show why it plays out this way. Take the Geert Hofstede's 'Individualism' dimension for example. India scores a lowly 48 to the US' score of 91. Indians look to the collective to save them. They may cross the seven seas and sail to alien shores, but they ain't dropping what's been blooded in them for ages.

Its no wonder then they are buying into the community organizer's promise of collective salvation.

Pity, is what I say.


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